Sabbatical Status Alumni Status
Reserve a seat Automatically return to your group at the end of sabbatical Forego space in your group and go through nomination process if/when returning
Group communications Continue receiving all emails from your group (subject to group approval) and the Netcito network No longer receive emails from your group, but retain access to the Netcito online community and continue receiving invitations, updates, and news from Netcito.
Timeframe Minimum 3 months with definite end date (can be extended). Cannot be open-ended. Maximum 6 months. Alumni status is ongoing until you reapply or request a change.
Pricing -If Netcito raises dues, current rate is “grandparented” in following sabbatical.

-Dues are $95/mo during sabbatical | -No dues after resigning

-Pay current rate when returning to Netcito (prices may increase)

-Initiation fee for re-application is equal to one month’s dues |